Songshan Plastic Machinery-Specialist of Plastic Machinery.
Ruian Songshan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, located in beautiful scenery city-Rui'an near east sea. Songshan is a qualified plastic machinery manufacturer that specializes in making all kinds of sealing & cutting machine, all kinds of blown film extruder and all kinds of plastic recycling machine.
We have different type film blowing machine: small size, medium size and big size film blown machine, ABA film blowing extruders, two or three layers co-extrusion film blowing machine and single screw double die film blowing machine, rotary die or fixed die film blown machine for PE. Besides, our technicians always focus on improving the quality of our machines, since our factory established, our technician have designed a lot of sealing and cutting machines which suit the development of market and the demands of our clients. Nowadays, we have many different type of sealing bag making machines for one line, two lines, four lines and six lines, and high speed hot cutting bag making machine for single line and two lines with good quality. In addition, the double rolling on bag making machine, recycling machine are also included in our catalogue.
Since "Songshan" establishment, it has become one of the most advanced plastic machinery manufacturer in Zhejiang. We place great emphasis on research and development and search for new and better way to improve our machine.
We are really proud of our machine's quality. Our market is worldwide. Our customers are very satisfied with our machines' performance and after sales service. We never compromise when it comes to quality because "Quality is our top commitment to our customers".