Definition of film blowing machine
The film blowing machine is to heat and melt plastic particles and then blow into a film.

There are many types of film blowing machines, including PE, POF and so on.

The new particles blow out the new material, the color and luster are all clean, and the bag stretches well.

Some people also use recycled plastic bags to make particles. Such particles are generally called old materials. When they are made into particles, they are usually gray. When they are made into bags, they are usually colored. And the price is lower.

Although it is a recycled plastic bag, the waste bag in the bag making process is generally very different from the garbage plastic in the usual sense.

The film blowing machine consists of nine parts: ①motor, ②cylinder, ③head, ④dies, ⑤v plate, ⑥pair wheel, ⑦smooth wheel, ⑧pair wheel 2, ⑨wind.

Raw LLDPE and LDPE temperature is 160--180 degrees

HDPE temperature is 210-230 degrees

The most important thing for the film blowing machine to work is three factors

One temperature (machine temperature, room temperature)


Triple cooling system

The film blowing machine produces films suitable for various high-end film packaging. This film is widely used in light and heavy packaging due to its good barrier properties, freshness, moisture, frost, oxygen and oil resistance. Such as a variety of fresh fruits, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid drinks, medical supplies and so on.