Definition of bag making machine
The bag making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various types of plastic bags of other sizes, thicknesses, and specifications. Plastic bags are generally the main product.

Plastic bag making machine
First, the classification and use of plastic bags

1.Types of plastic bags

(1) High-pressure polyethylene plastic bag

(2) Low-pressure polyethylene plastic bag

(3) Polypropylene plastic bag

(4) Polyvinyl chloride plastic bag

2, the use of plastic bags

(1) Use of high pressure polyethylene plastic bag:

A. Food packaging: cakes, sweets, roasted goods, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea, etc .;

B. Fiber product packaging: shirts, clothing, needle cotton products, chemical fiber products;

C, packaging of daily necessities.

(2) Use of low pressure polyethylene plastic bag:

A. Garbage bags and bacteria bags;

B. Convenient bags, shopping bags, tote bags, vest bags;

C, fresh-keeping bag;

D. Woven bag inner bag