Operation steps of film blowing machine
Film blowing machine Normal steps:
1. Heat the extruder body, head, die, and control the temperature of each point within the index.
2. If you drive after a long stop, you need to keep the temperature constant for 10-30 minutes after the heating temperature reaches the target range. If you drive within half an hour, you don't need to keep the temperature constant.
3. Start the air compressor and stop when the cylinder pressure is 6-8kg / cm.
4. According to the film folding diameter, thickness requirements and processing capacity of the extruder, estimate the traction speed and the diameter of the stable bubble.
5. After the temperature of each point meets the requirements, wear labor protection supplies and start the tractor, blower, and extruder in order.
6, when the die mouth is uniform, you can wear gloves to slowly pull the tube blank, while closing the end of the tube blank, slightly open the intake control valve, so that a small amount of compressed air is blown from the central hole of the core rod, and then Carefully guide the foam stabilizer and herringbone into the traction roller and guide roller until they are taken up.
7. Check the thickness and width of the film and adjust it to meet the requirements.